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The awesome team


Jonathan “wrong football team supporter” Carpenter

Never been a runner but always loved sport especially rugby and football.  Then I met this group of friends and before I know it,I’ve learnt everything about what the Sweat Shop has to offer!

At the start of 2011 I set off to try and run a mile and really struggled.  I came back exhausted and thought there is no way I’ll ever run a half marathon.   Well now I hope to run 4 in a month and all of them at sub 2 hours!  It is amazing what you can achieve when you buy the right kit!

This challenge has nothing to do with my fear of turning 40 with Mr Johnson (see other below for other team members) in Dec 2012.  Also the wife is working on the Olympics and I thought I needed my own sporting challenge.  I know that this challenge is really about raising stacks of cash for an amazingly worthwhile charity, but it is also about beating the wife’s half marathon PB 4 times in a row!  And hoping that I remain married at the end!

Carol “competitive” Carpenter

Seasoned marathon runner Carol Carpenter, 38, (see London Evening Standard article) hopes to add to the success of raising money for the Dispossessed Fund by taking on another physical challenge at the end of the year.

Although I ran loads at school and the London Marathon in 2000, I didn’t run again until listening to the Goodges’ in the Crown one summer evening in 2010.  The next day I went out and ran 3 miles and now I’m hooked again.  It is exhausting fitting in the training hours, but the prospect of helping those who are either less fortunate or unable to support themselves through illness really does motivate me on dark and cold mornings, or when the muscles really hurt.  I

‘m chuffed to bits to have found such a great group of friends that are willing to help and support each other through this exciting experience.  Suzanne I’ll be calling on you to hand out a cold glass of the pink stuff at the end of each race.  Bring on the competition Mr C (Carpenter that is!)

Harvey “Lycra” Hughes

Harvey is keen on embracing outdoor sporting activities so this challenge with a fantastic team and worthy cause is right up his street.

Apart from being a passionate outdoor pizza chef, Harvey is actively pursuing a new sporting path in triathlons, while also adding a variety of half-marathons to his sporting roster.

When not actively partaking in sport, Harvey is a keen rugby enthusiast; with qualifications as an FA youth football coach and RFU qualified referee and junior coach.

Having managed both a junior rugby squad and football team, this Summer sees him making a switch to a more gentile sport as he takes on running a colts Cricket team.  He also enjoys watching his favourite team, London Wasps, lose most of the time.

When time permits, Harvey works at Honda Motor where he combines two roles of Manager for European Corporate Operations and Manager for European Business Planning.

Simon “the machine” Hodgkinson

Fortunately, I thoroughly enjoy exercise and looking forward to what is a considerable challenge. Whilst I completed two London Marathons over 12 years ago, the body is now 12 years older and an extremely busy work/home life means I infrequently get the time to train for a half marathon, let alone 4 in 5 weeks!

When Mark described his personal experience and having recently experienced a close family member who beat cancer (thankfully) there was no hesitation in joining the team and aim to raise as much cash as possible for a wonderful charity.

Mark – thanks for the invitation!

Murray “stepping up to the plate” Pannell

Generally speaking I’d describe myself as a weak and inexperienced runner. (not true – ed)

With just two ‘competitive’ runs completed in the last 4 years, this Great North Run will prove to be my very last. (no chance – ed)

But given that the Charity is such a worthy cause, I wanted to dust off the old Hi-Tec’s and give it a go.

Hopefully I’ll make it into Newcastle in one piece.

Paul “the plodder” Johnson

Having done the Berlin marathon in 2011, a feat that I never dreamed about achieving after running numerous half marathons and thinking as I ended each one a broken man, “there’s no way I could run that distance again”, 2012 is providing the “last” of my running challenges. The knee’s and ankles are not what they were and this will be a great sign off to my running “career”!! (I could have a Steve Redgrave moment…).

If I survive, I will be resorting to squash, swimming and cycling….

Thanks to Marks for dreaming up (presenting to us after a few pints down the crown, lulling us into a fall sense of bravado and commitment) and organising a worthy challenge, for such a great cause. This will be a challenge to remember with great friends…

Steve “the paddler” Birchmore

Steve will be submitting his bio soon…

But in the meantime,

Here’s a lovely picture of him…